How It Works

Learn what happens when you decide to work with a professional organizer

Initial Consultation

Free 1/2 hour no obligation consultation. We’ll talk about your goals and your “pain points.” We’ll discuss your time frame as well as your budget. This meeting will help us determine if we’re a good “match.”

Our First Appointment

In general, we pull out everything of the area we will be focusing on and do a very high-level sort (clothes, shoes, paper, cleaning, hobby, books, etc.) Next we’ll address each pile, looking for duplicates, damaged or don’t belong items. Then what remains is loved, wanted, in good condition, and looks good. It is then hung, placed in drawers, or stored. Aha! Free space and only things that you like and use!

Sample Questions That I’ll Ask

How much do you love this?

Where is this used most often?

How often is it used?

Can something else be used instead?

Is it easy to get again if needed?

In your life today, where would you wear it/use it?

Are you still going to the office?

Still throwing parties for 50 people?

Will you actually invest in what’s needed to repair/clean/complete items?


Together we will find the flow. I will use my expertise and experience to find the best places for your easy access, use, and storage. Ideas will be presented as we work. Tips, tricks, and habits to establish maintenance systems.

Sample Action Plans


  • Check dry goods for expiration dates and menu planning needs.
  • Store like items together. Reduce packaging.
  • Cookbooks: Are you more likely to Google chicken dinner ideas than pull out the cookbooks that you have?

Clothes Closet

  • Does it fit?
  • Is it in style?
  • Is it clean and in good repair? Will you really spend the time/effort/money to repair/clean it?
  • Tell me when/where you would wear it.


  • Paperwork: Is it retrievable in any other way?
  • Need to keep for tax purposes?
  • Let’s put the scrap paper phone numbers in your phone – begin using Notes. Evernote or another note/image application.
  • Separate files boxes for business and home? Legacy binder?


  • Group garden, tools, sports, etc. into sections.
  • Reduce duplicates.
  • Look at vertical storage.

Living Room

  • Formal room, visitors room, or “living” room?
  • Remove everything that doesn’t belong.
  • Consider open or closed storage.